Our readers have asked us for some updated studio quality pictures of the AKG K 3003i earphones. With no further delay, we present the AKG K 3003i Earphones. Be sure to take notice of the stainless steal components, the leather case (with slot for remote when wound), assortment of ear tips, and customizable filters.

akg k3003i earphones box

akg k3003i earphones closebox
akg k3003i earphones box
akg k3003i close box
akg k 3003i earphonesakg k3003i earphones close upakg k3003i earphones close remoteakg k3003i earphones remote and 3.5mmakg k3003i earphones accessories akg k 3003i accessories ear tipsakg k3003i earphones closeup in caseakg k 3003i earphones winded in case

AKG K3003i
Product description: AKG K3003i Unboxing
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AKG K3003i- by ,June 7, 2012

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  1. We additionally obtain a dual-pronged airplane adapter and also a quarter-inch adapter for use with your home audio system. Leading a hard-shell carrying locuinte which includes a karabiner attached, is actually included. The Beats additionally have a cleaning cloth to be able to continue all of them each and every.


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