how to clean headphones

Cleaning any product without water is quite the task. Given electronics don’t play well with water, headphones require a little TLC when it comes to cleaning. Here are our tips for cleaning any headphones. Be sure to use extra care and NO LIQUIDS! The most common items that need cleaned are the headband, ear cushions, and cord. Check out how we keep our headphones minty fresh! Just as a quick reminder these are recommendations and we are not responsible for any damage done to the headphones. PLEASE BE CAREFUL.

  • Most headphones have a velour, leather, or plastic headband.
    • Velour: These headbands are non removable and must be cleaned on the actual headphones. If the headband has dirt, dust, skin hair etc. use light adhesive clear tape. If the residue is a little heaver, use light scuffing of the fabric with a fingernail and clear tape or vacuum cleaner.
    • Leather or plastic: use a nice mixture of water and shampoo. Do not apply the liquid directly to the headbands. Instead apply the mixture to a towel and apply the damp towel to the headband. Be sure to come back with a clean wet towel and wipe the remaining soap.


Ear Cushions

  • Some ear cushions can be removed for optimal cleaning and some are attached to the headphone directly
    • If the ear cushions are attached to the headphones use one of the techniques above
    • If the ear cushions can be removed
      • Wash the ear cushions in a water mixed with shampoo solution. Don’t twist or pull the cushions as they might break. Squish the cushions inside the soapy water for one or two minutes.
      • Rinse the cushions in a clean bowl of water. Continue to keep the water running and squish the headphones for one or two minutes. You will notice the soap will eventually stop coming out of the cushions. At that time you are done rinsing.
      • Place the cushions on a hard surface and allow them to dry for a few hours.

You might notice after this approach the ear cushions begin to become too soft and the sound stage suffers. At this time new cushions should be purchased.


The cord is the easiest part to clean. Hopefully you still have some of the shampoo and water solution left. Apply the solution to a clean towel and begin to wipe the cord from top to bottom. After two or three passes, repeat the process with a clean towel.

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