Grado PS500 Headphones

Everyone wants their headphones to sound the best right out of the box but unfortunately that isn’t always the case. If you want the headphones to sound their absolute best the moment you put them on your head you should spend some quality time burning the headphones in. Given every headphone will sound awesome right out of the box, you want to let the headphones to break in and allow the mechanical structure to settle into a stable state.  There are a few methods of burning headphones in and we will cover our two favorite methods after the break.

The First 48 Hours
The most preferred method of burn (from audiophiles alike) is to give the headphones 48 hours  with specific signals and frequencies. The idea behind this method is to allow the headphones to burn in at a constant signal instead of applying a strong signal infrequently. The time we think for perfection is 48 hours with a further settle time by playing normal music. Below is a free download of our favorite burn in track. This track is available in both MP3 and WAV. The signal level is set to -12dB RMS re Full Scale. Please use a media player that allows you to loop or repeat the song so you can leave the same song play for 48 hours. If you need to stop the burn in for any particular reason, feel free to do so as long as the total burn in time is reached.

Burn in Earphones MP3
Burn in Earphones WAV

Using The Headphones Under Normal Circumstances
The simplest way to burn in the headphones is to use the headphones as normal. Yes, your headphones will sound great out of the box but give them some time to open up and warm up. Over a long period of time the headphones will probably undergo exposure to various kinds of music. This exposure would allow the properties of the headphones to stabilize. Although this method doesn’t give you optimal performance straight out of the box, it allows you to enjoy the headphones right away. If you decide to use this method, realize that the headphone will adjust, mold, and adapt over time. Give the headphones a couple weeks to open up and settle before passing judgement on the headphones. Although this is the most convenient method, its the least preferred method.

If you have any further questions about burning earphones in, please call us at 1-866-722-6621.

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