best headphones under 100

Looking to pick up the best headphones under 100? Check out this updated list of the best headphones under $100. We like to think this list will get you into a pair of new cans and not break the bank. We usually send this link over to our friends when we see them pull out the stock buds. The best headphones under 100 list might even make shopping for birthdays, Christmas, or even Fathers/Mothers day a bit easier. Have experience with any of the best headphones under 100, drop us a line and let us know which ones you like the best…


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Thinking to find the best sound quality headphones? We sell a full line of best sound quality headphones for any budget. We recommend the Audeze, Grado, HiFiMAN, and Sennheiser product lines. All of these manufactures will provide the best sound quality headphones. Give us a call if you need some help picking out the perfect best sound quality headphones.


In the market for a new set of cans? The first question you should ask is open or closed? Closed headphones isolate you from the noise around you, while the open usually sound better. The downside to open is you get the better sound because of the passing through the cups. The perfect choice will depend on where you plan on using your headphones and how much you need to block the outside world.


Check out the sweet 2 min video from the bros at Lifehacker.

The Ultrasone Ruthenium Edition 8 hand-crafted detail shine luxury in every angle. By utalizing the highest quality materials such as Ethiopian sheepskin leather and custom Madras goatskin custom bag; the Ultrasone Ruthenium Edition 8 is a work of art. Put the Ultrasone Ruthenium Edition 8 on your head, and instantly you will notice the large tri-bass-tube titanium-plated Mylar drivers. The Mylar drivers provide the Ultrasone Ruthenium Edition 8 a wide frequency respone for a precise and detailed sound. Give us a call to order the Ultrasone Ruthenium headphones today.

So you want to get the maximum work out possible? Use a pair of headphones to listen to the perfect soundtrack to get your heart racing. Our entire staff lives a very active lifestyle, so we are able to demo every pair of exercise headphones  to really determine the best workout headphones. Some of the staff has moved over to the earphone side, but the rest of us still love the idea of a full size headphone to use while working out. Check out our full selection of the best workout headphones here.



The AKG K3003is are awesome… Simple as that; but with this kind of quality you would think you would need an equally awesome headphone amplifier dac k3003i. The good news is the AKG K3003i work great just out of the box with no need of a headphone amplifier dac k3003i. The impedance of the AKG K3003i are very low so need for the headphone amplifier dac k3003i. Just make sure to use very high quality audio files, use the built in audio equalizer, and make sure you have the perfect tip.

Although the best audiophile headphones talks come up frequently, we are sure we sell a large enough of a selection to satisfy any audiophile. From top brands such as Sennheiser, Grado, Shure, Audeze, and HiFiMAn; we are sure we can find the best audiophile headphones for any customer. Browse our full selection of the best audiophile headphones here.

The Sennheiser Xbox 320 headphones are the best headphones for any Xbox lover. The Xbox320 headphones amplify the stereo sound and raise the playing level. The Xbox 320 headphones are what you really need to get the winning edge. Feel free to game at night with the Xbox 320 headphones without disturbing others.