The Ultimate Office

Front Room

What do you consider to be the ULTIMATE OFFICE?

Boiler Room

Brand new Apple computers? Six pairs of Bowers & Wilkins speakers hooked up to Sonos? Seura mirror TVs? An LG 84″ 4K TV? A two-week supply of Stumptown Cold Brew? Savant Home Automation? Lou Reed signed Gibson SGs? Yetis? Orbeas? And BMCs?…OH MY!

Cold Brew

AND did i mention over 200 types of headphones and earphones? Well, we’ve got all that and more. Now if only we hired Wolfgang Puck as our personal chef, I would never leave the office.

BMC Time Machines

Sound Earphones, Cinema Elements, Reser Bicycle and MacInfinity are all blanketed under the parent company MfiveM; and when these 4 companies combine powers they produce something that makes Captain Planet look like a freakin Teletubbie.

Lou Reed Gibson

As my good friend Andy mentioned in the previous post, the blog will be going through some changes here soon. Don’t worry, everyone will still get their normal dosage of earphone and headphone information. However, in addition to this, we are going to take it a few steps further and show you all the other cool stuff that we deal with on a daily basis.


Meet our team: Nick Schuler
Nick Schuler (left), as we’re soaked at the gas station.


Hello, and welcome to our new feature where you can check in every Monday to learn a little bit about our team.

Today, we have Nick Schuler, who is in charge of our IT work and keeps our company up and running.

Aside from being a former Apple Genius, Nick Schuler is a certified electrician, our resident fitness expert, an enthusiast of pizza and oreos, and an overall standup guy. In addition to making sure everything with a power button is functioning optimally, Nick is also in charge of the home automation for our home theater company, Cinema Elements, and is a lead tech for our computer repair company, MacInfinity, and basically the one who handles anything that requires craftsmanship and skill (I’m looking at you perfectly mounted 90″ television).

Marking the first day of our revised blogging format couldn’t have come at a better time. While I can share countless stories of Nick saving the day with our technology, that’s rather boring and to be expected. Therefore, I will share a story that illustrates why people like Nick Schuler make our companies great.


Around 10:30pm on a Sunday night, as my girlfriend and I were returning home from her parents house, her car began overheating. In the middle of nowhere, about 60 miles from Cincinnati, we stopped at an interstate rest-stop (super sketchy). Over the phone, Nick Schuler walked us through some basic fixes so we could get her car to safety, as it is common knowledge highway rest-stops epitomize creepiness.

After a brief drive, the car began overheating again, so we had to pull off the highway at a pitch black exit in the middle of nowhere, albeit, not a rest stop, so we were safe at least. At this point, I realized the proverbial fat lady had sung and we needed a tow truck. Moments later, Nick Schuler called back to check on our progress, finding out we had to get it towed, Nick got out of bed, got dressed, and raced to come get us in the middle of the night. While this deed alone was extremely kind, it did not stop there.

After arriving, with a tow-truck on the way, Nick hung out with us so he could drive us back to my house (50 miles away). By this point, it’s well past midnight, the gas station we made it to shut off the lights, and there was a major thunderstorm going on. Basically, everything had gotten much worse.

Just then, a motorcycle pulled into the gas station behind us. The rider and his passenger immediately told us they had wrecked their bike a moment ago and asked if we had any tools. Fortunately, we had Nick Schuler. As the noticeably shaken up motorcycle rider took off his leather vest, I couldn’t help but notice the enormous patch on the back: Iron Horsemen, Tennessee.

Perfect, we’re stuck at a rural gas station, in a thunderstorm, under an awning with no lights, with a member of an outlaw motorcycle gang.

After examining the bikers motorcycle, we realized there was significant damage, his gear shifter had been ripped off, and there would be no way for him to ride home to Tennessee stuck in 1st gear.

Luckily for the Iron Horseman, he pulled up to the only rural gas station that Nick Schuler was at. Laying down on the oil stained and soaking wet gas station parking lot, Nick began fixing the bikers motorcycle using an eclectic mix of alan wrenches and an iPhone for illumination.

After working on his motorcycle for almost an hour, Nick had brought the biker’s motorcycle back to life, and very well may have fixed his passengers iPhone that was damaged during the fall.

Just then, our tow truck came, lifted my girlfriend’s car up on the bed and took it to a garage Nick had suggested. Nick returned us to my home safely around 3 am, after quite the ordeal.


Nick Schuler saved the day. Twice. If you wouldn’t want this type of person automating your home, fixing your computer, or just being your friend, you’re out of your mind.

Extremely friendly, super reliable, and an incredibly gifted technology expert, Nick Schuler is one of the reasons why our companies rock.

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For 2013 the competition for the best earphones is tough… The competition began with the AKG K3003i, then the Sennheiser IE800, Shure SE846, and our top brands are quickly trying their hand for the best earphones 2013. For the best earphones 2013 we set the price aside and tested each of the 7 earphones (still waiting for the Shure SE846). We absolutely loved each of the models and had a tough time deciding the best earphone 2013, so we would like to turn it over to you… Tried any on the list? What did you think?


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best headphones under 100

Looking to pick up the best headphones under 100? Check out this updated list of the best headphones under $100. We like to think this list will get you into a pair of new cans and not break the bank. We usually send this link over to our friends when we see them pull out the stock buds. The best headphones under 100 list might even make shopping for birthdays, Christmas, or even Fathers/Mothers day a bit easier. Have experience with any of the best headphones under 100, drop us a line and let us know which ones you like the best…


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Westone Adventure

It’s here… The Westone Adventure series earphones! We like to think the Westone Adventure are the perfect earphone for the active audiophile. With the magnesium unibody design the Westone Adventure earphones are both durable but also extremely comfortable in the ear. Some of the credit is due to the Up & Over cable routing and patented Star Tips which ensure superior fit, comfort and retention. Pick up a pair of Westone Adventure earphones today about embark on your next adventure.

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After only a few days of using the HiFiMAN RE400 earphones, I take them everywhere. The only problem I have ran into is a good place to store them. Anyone have a good suggestion of a good HiFiMAN RE400 case? I am using the Shure oval case currently, but would love to see what other people are using for a HiFiMAN RE400 case. Any options of a custom HiFiMAN RE400 case drop me a line…

After spending countless hours researching the best earphones 2013, we have finally narrowed the list down. We read countless reviews, demo’ed hundreds of earphones, and watched days of videos. This was a hard decision to narrow down hundreds of earphones but we were able to select the top 9 earphones to really hit every price range. The best earphones 2013 includes earphones from the top brands including Shure, Sennheiser, Klipsch, AKG, HiFiMAN and many more. Check out the full list here.